WARNING - Do not use Alexandra's Airport Transportation - aka - www.tcairportshuttle.com - his name is John Wetherbee, he is a one man show and operates out of Palm City, FL. Today, while bringing a service disabled veteran and his 9 year old son to the airport, they made a pit-stop along the way, the 9 year old boy found the Owner of the company John Wetherbee unzipping and going through their luggage. he had removed a few items and was digging through their personal belongings. The 9 year old boy did not mention anything until the ride to the airport resumed at which time the father - a service disabled veteran, confronted John Wetherbee who lost his cool, embarrassed that he was caught, pulled the car over at a vacant barren rest stop on I-95, took their luggage out of the trunk, threw the bags to the curb and kicked them out.

If you ever used this company and realized that you are missing items from your bags - that were possibly out of your sight - please call the Saint Lucie Sheriffs' Dept.

If you still choose to use this company, do not let your things out of your line of sight.

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We recently used Treasure Coast Airport Shuttle and can't say enough good about our experience. John Weatherbee was prompt and patient with all our inquiries, had his drivers show up on time, had great clean vehicles and the drivers were a treat to visit with.

My husband and I highly recommend this company to anyone that needs shuttle service.

D Wilson, British Columbia, Canadda


I too am a Veteran, having served proudly onboard nuclear submarines. I thought I should weigh in on this posting because I have used John Wetherbee extensively for years and actually have a link to his website from my own as I endorse him wholeheartedly.

In getting to know John over the years I have known him to be an extremely professional, punctual and respectful individual that I would trust taking my children to the airport without supervision. He was an engineer most of his career at Savannah River and other major companies and is quite organized. I have watched him grow company through hard work and dedication, which have resulted in a great deal of repeat business (including my own).

As far as the service disabled Vet from Orlando, it's a shame that we have unscrupulous liars such as yourself using your veteran status to illicit the sympathy of others. Your actions resulted in getting what you deserved....being put to the curb because you lied yourself through a fare that would have cost you twice as much had you been honest about your intentions. I'm not going to challenge you about being disabled, but it doesn't take much to determine whether you were entirely honest about your status.

As to the comment from Treasure Coast Airport Shuttle, even a 10 year old can spot the conflict of interest in another airport shuttle company making personal attacks on his competition without knowing either party. You did not even have the...

In conclusion, John's integrity is unquestionable and I trust that his version of this unfortunate incident is the correct one. I strongly recommend that you ignore this individual's attempt to hurt John's business, as well as the other shuttle company's attempt at profiting from an unfortunate incident.

Best regards,

President of a Consulting Company

Palm City, FL 34990

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I continue to give John Wetherbee the benefit of the doubt.I doubt very much that the gentleman told John that he was a "service disabled veteran" at the time of the incident.

Perhaps had he told that to John, the entire incident would have ended differently. Put yourself in John's shoes. He picks up two people who are going to the airport (65 minutes). The passenger requests a "quick stop for 5 minutes" in the opposite direction.

45 minutes later and finally heading to the airport, the passenger accuses you of going through their luggage. Other paying passengers are waiting. This possibly will not end well at the airport. Not necessarily the best solution to pull over and leave them at the rest stop...but ALSO NOT INTENTIONALLY DISRESPECTING A U.S.


The Good Lord sees people's hearts and forgives us.We might consider doing the same.


I found the veteran, who was not apparently disabled in anyway, an individual not to be trusted within the first 30 minutes of us meeting. When I picked him up, he told me that we needed to travel to an office that would be five minutes away, and that he was just stepping in to obtain an item and come right out.

As it turned out, the drive to get to his suggested locale was fifteen minutes, in the opposite direction we were going. On the way to the locale, he notified me three times, please note, three times, that he was going in only for a moment, and that he would stepping in only to retrieve an item. After 10 minutes of waiting, I called him and told him that I needed to go, and he said he would be right out. I could not believe my eyes, as I watched him from outside, sitting down and continue talking to someone, yet for another 10 minutes after my call.

Since the trip which was to take one hour and five minutes, was already delayed by forty five minutes, and I had other passengers to pick up, I proceeded to take out his luggage, and was going to suggest to him to call one of my network drivers to drive him, as I no longer could. As I was taking the bags out of the car, they both came out and I decided to drive them anyway, and it was at that instant, that they felt I was checking their bags, but indeed I was not. Why would I want to do that anyway?

As I started driving them again, I was very uncomfortable with the man, as I questioned...

I've had over 700 drives to the airport, and some of the comments I have received, are those that follow:

"I have been using John's services from Palm City to PBI every week since February. He has been 100% reliable and professional. Even when booked he has taken care of getting me another driver. He is also the most reasonably priced airport shuttle in the area. Lastly, John is a great human being and I enjoy his company very much. I give John my highest endorsement. 5+++ stars."

Or: "On my first visit to the area, I contact John by e-mail and arranged to be picked up at PBI and driven to Ft. Pierce. First of all, the e-mail exchange was easy and lowered my stress level regarding the trip. My plane was more than 20 minutes late, yet John was there where he said he would be waiting. The car is very clean, and John himself is a wonderful calm driver. He is ready for cheerful, intelligent conversation, or silence -- whatever you prefer (I preferred the conversation). I arranged for pick up in Ft. Pierce a couple of days later, and John was there, right on time. It's so nice to feel that you can depend on your driver 100%. I'll recommend him to my family and friends for all our travels to West Palm Beach and Fort Pierce!"

Or: "This is a review of my experience with John when I needed a ride from the WPB airport to Port St. Lucie.

I found his ad in a websearch on the internet.

John is a very trusting and responsible driver. He told me he would be at the car rental location and was there before I arrived to return a car rental. He telephoned me before I got to the building and greeted me inside. He is a safe driver with a nice personality."

I'm sorry circumstances turned out as they did, but in this extreme case, which is the first of my 700+ runs, passenger and drivers could not get along.

John Wetherbee

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What is this country coming to - I too am a Retired Veteran living in Saint Lucie County & work In Martin County. Veterans and seniors - stay away from this company - I looked at his web-site, it is cheezy and cheep - just like his TOTAL LACK OF RESPECT FOR UNITED STATES VETERANS.

To my military vet "BROTHA" - I got your back pal - just like you had our back defending this country - so *** like John Wetherbee can own the piece of *&#@ business he does. Instead of thanking you for your service to this fine country of ours - he threw you to the curb.

CARMA - The good Lord will see that he gets his - you don't worry a bit.

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